国外一位著名的语言学家曾经说过“A word has no meaning unless it is used in a text.”(“一个词本身是毫无意义的,除非把它运用到一个文本中”)。文学名著无疑是最理想的文本。在名著中常常会有涉及到考研英语中的长难句,同学们也可以在繁重的复习之余,从名著中培养一下自己的语感。在欣赏名著的同时,培养英语阅读技巧与运用能力同时也可以在中文的对照中学习翻译的技巧。


  一、原文:For Jerusha and the ninety-odd other children in the orphanage, the first Wednesday of every month was quite a torturous day. On this day, each child had to be clean and well-groomed, every corner in every room had to be neat and tidy, every floor had to sparkle, and every bed had to be made perfectly flat so that the tiniest wrinkle would not show. All of this preparation was to get ready for the visit of the Trustees of the orphanage which always fell on this day. Each child had been told time and again that if a Trustee were to ask him or her a question, he or she was to answer in a clever and respectful way.


  二、原文:Jerusha was the oldest child in the orphanage she was already 18 years old. According to the rules, the orphanage only had to keep children up until the age of 16, but Jerusha was an exception. Because her grades were quite good, the orphanage decided to let her continue her studies and allowed her to go to the high school in town. At this point, Jerusha had just graduated from high school and was just staying to help out around the orphanage.

  三、原文:Just as in today''s case, in order to prepare a most perfect Wednesday visit for the Trustees, Jerusha had worked the entire day. Luckily, everything had gone as she had planned, and now the Trustees had heard the orphanage's reports, were sipping tea, and some were even beginning to leave one by one, off to their various other appointments. Watching the Trustees'' shadows as they left, Jerusha''s heart once again became filled with visions. Despite the fact that Mrs. Lippett had repeatedly warned her that such fantasies would only torture and upset her, and that having these fantasies would not change reality Mrs. Lippett said Jerusha was doomed to never set foot outside the orphanage she could not help but have them all the same. If only one day, she could be just like the Trustees and, carrying her bags, step into a big car and tell the driver to take her home what kind of a feeling would that be?


  四、原文:For 18 years Jerusha had been living in an orphanage. She was simply unable to imagine what home would be like.

  五、原文:Just as Jerusha became lost in her thoughts, a little boy ran over looking for her and said that Mrs. Lippett wanted to see her immediately. A little upset, Jerusha headed towards the office, all the time in her heart thinking, What did I do wrong? Were the sandwiches not thin enough? Did the cherry cakes not taste right? Or did one of the Trustees notice the hole in little Susie's stockings?


  六、原文:When Jerusha went downstairs, the light in the big empty hall was not yet on, but she caught a glimpse of the last Trustee getting into his car to leave the orphanage. It was too dark, however, to see the Trustee very clearlyshe could only get a good impression of him from the back. He was quite tall, and had long legs. He looked just like a big, dancing Daddy Longlegs that was calling for his ride home!